Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Year that was, 2010

The new header reflects what I experienced last year. Well, selective experiences anyways. Don't need to show unemployment do I? I spent a week in 100F+ weather in Tucson, AZ in July so have that wonderful shot of a storm either starting or ending and cactus. I got a kick out of one of their main streets being called "Canada". There is Ty Pennington's autograph and a letter from my Grandparent's MP congratulating them on their 50th Wedding Anniversary and two winter scenes, one from our master bedroom to our backyard (the baseball field isn't ours, it belongs to the Catholic school) and a rural road on January 1, 2010.

I look forward to 2011 and what photos I'll be able to take to record experiences. Though I think it isn't kosher to bring a camera along to a job interview. I'll have better things happening other than that. Like my birthday and the possibility of my husband convocating with his doctorate in July (which will bring a trip to Virginia I believe is where it is this year).

AND the biggest thing to end this year is the imminent arrival of my DH's Christmas gift for me...a Silhouette cutting machine! According to Canada Post's tracking thingabopper it is in the delivery stage! woot! woot!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Santa Claus: a bold face lie?

Santa isn't real??? When did this happen??? Then who gave me the microscope kit when I was 10? My parent's said they'd never get me one so it had to be Santa. Then there was the year when I was a teenager and I hear the hooves on our roof top. And NORAD always tracks his progress!

There has been talk lately on the web and on my local talk radio station about "lying to children about Santa Claus".  I've never thought of the Santa Claus coming down the chimney as a lie but as something fun to do. That is how I approached it with my children as did my friends. I wonder how serious parents make it, like it is the gospel truth or something. I believed until I was 5-6 yrs. It just seemed a natural thing not to, and it was so much fun being Santa for my younger sister! (replicating what St. Nicholas did, giving to others).

Gosh, I see it as something fun to do and didn't go overboard on the Santa thing with my kids. Before we open our gifts DH reads from Luke and we have always had Nativity sets within the kid's reach. I just got to watch my grandson put out milk & cookies for Santa and be a Santa's helper filling the stockings with his mom. He was so thrilled/excited to be doing this. Tomorrow morning he'll be using the Little People's nativity scene while his Grampa does the reading.

Santa was a real person, St. Nicholas who gave gifts to the poor. So when my kids asked I told them about St. Nicholas and something about the three wise men and gifts to our Saviour.

Is it deception or is it about imagination, giving to others, doing the lord's work through the people around us and/or just plain fun?

Saturday, December 18, 2010

'Twas a week before Christmas and not a creature was stirring...

not even me. Dispite having a living room that resembles an average teenagers bedroom and  I'm sure there's a dinning table under the sewing machines and baked goods, I'm lounging on the only empty seating space. On the positive side, all the packages are mailed! And here's hoping they'll arrive by next Friday! Please Mr. (Canada) Postman please deliver them so my nieces and nephews can open their gifts on Christmas Day. If not, it won't be the first Christmas that they had gifts to open just before New Years Day.

The tree is trimmed, the nativity sets are on display and even the piano top is tidy! I just remembered that there are some missing stockings, guess I just have to whip up some more! I actually like making stockings. I grew up with only one but I'd make a new one for each person every 2nd year or so if I knew what to do with the previous ones.

Dispite ESPing my place to tidy itself for years, it won't clean itself up. Gone are the days were I could say "babies don't keep and dust bunnies will always be there". Well, the babies are adults and those dust bunnies have multiplied. I'd love to blame those former babies because three of them are still here, but the stuff is mine. Crafts are invasive and I think if left to roam freely would crush the dust bunnies. hmmm, there's a thought.

Favourite Christmas song line: "Christmas is coming, how joyful it will be. The family will gather 'round the Christmas tree"