Friday, October 29, 2010

Hallowe'en isn't just playtime for kids...

I've always been a 'crafty' person, especially when the kids were little (seems most crafty blogs are by moms of young children...wonder why that is?) so seeing all these projects got my juices revived after a 3 year hiatus...exams and work got into the way...I created a wreath for Hallowe'en!
Thanks to all those who showed off their creations, I would never have thought to do one for Hallowe'en.
During the creation process I discovered a couple of things, one, Superglue is no replacement for a glue gun (I now own 3 of them since two are MIA) and feather boas molt and Superglue DOES stick to feathers (but not plastic skulls onto wood).

So, I bought only from two local dollar stores (Silver Dollar & Dollarama) and the grape wreath was collecting dust on the basement fireplace mantle. Spent about $4 on the Superglue that didn't work and $5 on a new glue gun. The skulls were one package for $1, the boa $1, the skeleton was a package of 4 for $1 and the two spiders were bought at a dollar store about 5 years ago when I taught Sunday School to 3yr. olds and we were doing "I am thankful for insects" (yeah, I know technically spiders aren't insects, but gosh, they're funky and the kids loved them!). 

Next is an advent calendar for Christmas...looking for ideas....

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Too many blogs not enough time

I've spent the last few weeks either reading blogs or books on play...mostly blogs I must confess. Craft blogs. Lots of them. I even made a Hallowe'en wreath! I'll post it soon. I think there is a linky party that inspired me to do it. I owned 2 glue guns and couldn't find even one of them! This time I found the glue sticks, or rather one bag of them. I'm sure I have a larger bag hiding out somewhere. I tried using SuperGlue but it really isn't a suitable substitute, so I bought yet another mini-craft glue gun. So now I own 3 glue guns. Hopefully I'll be able to keep track of this one. That would mean not putting it into "a safe place".
My hubby was very gracious and shared whatever bug he caught in the plane from Anaheim. It hit Friday. Sore throat etc. but I actually don't feel yucky, just tired a bit. This messed up my plans for yesterday and I didn't get more done on the play process. The books are due back on Tuesday so I'll see what I can get done tomorrow after the two classes I'm taking.