Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The monetary price of having children

While there are many cost analysis' of raising children there is one that is different because it breaks down that big number into a refreshing and surprising cost. Now instead of thinking we've spent an outrageous amount of money on our 4 kids, I've discovered that it really is a pittance. The dividends though are tremendous though! There is one 'payment' that they don't mention but I find that it has kept me going for months. An unexpected kiss on the cheek from my undemonstrative son! Usually I have to point out that I get a 'birthday kiss' or 'Mother's Day kiss" and point to my cheek. He groans and obliges his mommy. He's 30yrs. old and isn't as reluctant now. I think it is because he's a dad now and I see him hugging and snuggling his two wee ones. And the tree branches...

It is a slide show that I did have up here but it slows the loading of the page. If it doesn't work just cut & paste, it is worth it.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Little boys' imagination and the joy of being their leader

I taught a portion of the Cub's First Aid badge this morning at our Stake Cuberee. It went rather well considering I've known for sure about it for a few days yet choose to wait until last night to prepare and haphazardly at that. Went to bed at 2:30am and up at 7am, well, 7:45am, to the church library to photocopy the rescue breathing direction sheet from St. John Ambulance's "We Can Help" booklet (instructor's book). Thankfully I'm a 'librarian' for our Ward so I had a key. Was still early enough to set up.
The best question of the day was when we (ok, me) were talking about animal/human bites a Cub asked "what if a shark was biting me?". This is funny because Alberta is land locked and the only lakes in Calgary are man-made. Being the (ahem) sensitive child friendly person that I am, I replied "well, because you're not that big, you'd be only a snack so really you won't have to worry about the bites" (let him figure out on his own he'd be dead). I also told them that if they were bitten by a shark in Calgary then it was because they stuck their hand into someone's aquarium. I love the senarios they come up shows they have imaginations. Another one (different group) was what if you swallowed a octopus. I told him that he had bigger problems than the octopus stuck in his throat. Never did really answer either, but really, did I need to?
I was talking with some of the leaders and they expressed their joy at being a Cub leader. One said he threatened to become inactive if the church leaders asked him to do something else. I didn't think of using that when I was asked to switch to teaching the 3-4 yr.olds. It was for the best because I was doing my degree and ended up taking a couple of evening courses in order to finish in the four years.
I was quite thrilled last February at the Early Childhood conference I attended that there is hard research showing that boys need their own organizations in order to learn and grow up. This supports my church's stand on non-co-ed child and youth groups. I'll post later the evidence and rationales supporting gender specific groups.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I am a woman...therefore I do laundry

While I'm trying to figure out how I can bring all the research that I've discovered about raising literate children and other things, here is a clip about doing laundry sung to "Climb Every Mountain". It is quite funny. Though I haven't done the red/pink whites for a while, mine was drying my 100% wool sweater.